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PLR: Personal Learning Record

What is the PLR?

Every learner has a Unique Learner Number (ULN), and it is used to create and/ or update your Personal Learning Record, as required by the Skills Funding Agency. The record stores your participation and achievement data.

Below explains how this information can be shared with organisations linked to education and training to avoid the need to show qualification certificate
s as proof of achievement, but that you can opt-out of this sharing of your Personal Learning Record by contacting LRS Customer Helpdesk on 0845 602 2589

Access PLR Information

The extracts in this have been taken from: Skills Funding Agency (2017) LRS: Information for Learners and Parents Available at:

 (Accessed: 1st October 2021)  

Privacy Notice for pupils, students, learners and trainees

Shortened Privacy Notice Text:
The information you supply will be used by the Skills Funding Agency, an executive agency of the Department for Education (DfE), to issue you with a Unique Learner Number (ULN), and to create your Personal Learning Record. For more information about how your information is processed and shared refer to the Extended Privacy Notice available on Gov.UK at: LRS privacy notice – GOV.UK ( 

To Access Your Personal Learning Record

Available at: (Accessed: 1st October 2021)

Obtaining replacement exam certificates

Contact an exam board to get a replacement exam certificate or certified statement of results.

You can’t get a replacement certificate for an O level, CSE, GCSE or A level – your exam board will send you a ‘certified statement of results’ instead. You can use this in place of your exam certificate, for example for a university application. Boards may give you a replacement certificate for other qualifications they offer. You may need to prove your identity and pay a fee.

Check with your school or college if you’re not sure which exam board holds your results.

The 5 boards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are:

Contact the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) for replacement certificates for Scottish qualifications.

If your old exam board no longer exists

Check which board to contact for a replacement certificate or certified statement of results if your old board no longer exists below:

Old Exam Board Who to Contact
  • Associated Examinations Board (AEB)
  • Southern Examining Group (SEG)
  • South East Regional Examinations Board (SEREB)
  • South Western (Regional) Examinations Board (SWExB)
  • Associated Lancashire Schools Examining Board (ALSEB)
  • Joint Matriculation Board (JMB)
  • Northern Examining Association (NEA)
  • Northern Examinations and Assessment Board (NEAB)
  • North Western Regional Examining Board (NWREB)
  • West Yorkshire and Lindsey Regional Examinations Board (TWYLREB)
  • Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Examinations Board (YHREB)
  • Council for Curriculum and Examinations Assessment (CCEA)

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA)

  • Northern Ireland School Examinations and Assessment Council (NISEAC)
  • Northern Ireland School Examinations Council (NISEC)

Council for Curriculum and Examinations Assessment (CCEA)

  • Business Education Council (BEC)
  • Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)
  • Education Development International (EDI)
  • Joint Committee for Business Studies and Public Administration (JCBSPA)
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
  • London East Anglia Group (LEAG)
  • London Regional Examining Board (LREB)
  • Metropolitan and Middlesex Regional Examining Boards (M&MREB)
  • Technician Education Council (TEC)
  • University Entrance and Schools Examinations Council (UESEC)
  • University of London Examinations and Assessment Council (ULEAC)
  • University of London Schools Examination Board (ULSEB)
Pearson Edexcel
  • East Midland Regional Examinations Board (EMREB)
  • Midland Examining Group (MEG)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Examinations and Assessment Council (OCEAC)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board (OCSEB)
  • Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
  • Southern Regional Examinations Board (SREB)
  • Southern Universities Joint Board for Schools Examinations (SUJB)
  • University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)
  • University of Oxford Delegacy of Local Examinations (UODLE)
  • West Midlands Examinations Board (WMEB)
Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Exams (OCR)
  • East Anglian Examinations Board (EAEB)
Pearson Edexcel
Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Exams (OCR)

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