Ongoing Continuous Improvement

Leading global payment services company in 197 countries with 293,000 global agents and a $1.25bn turnover.


This global company wanted to explore how to support the drive to transform their everyday business processes. The company wished to increased customer satisfaction and enhance its competitive position by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of key business processes are both operated and managed.

The senior management team and the CEO identified the need to improve the way in which the company delivers its services to customers and agents. To achieve this, a significant cultural change was necessary for the way the business processes are both operated and managed.


Specific Project benefits included:

  • Reducing Sumner of money holds from 1.5% to 1%
  • Reducing Middle East money holds from 8% to 4%
  • Reducing average call times by 15% globally
  • Improving customer experience


PMI suggested that the priority is for programme leaders to understand the fundamental principles behind our improvement methodology. The programme leaders utilised the public traiing programme to ensure this was completed quickly ahead of a wiser organisation roll-out.

To support the on-going programme development, the option to call-off consultant support (either remote or in person) was provided by day or part hour. This support also included access to templates, advice, models, and coaching.

To accommodate the specific request to support global projects, an expert consultant was assigned to facilitate the project, support and guide the data collection, analysis and to involve the new business improvement team members.

As well as two waves of Green Belt training, wider project team members benefited from completing the PMI suite of e-Learning and project sponsors were supported through one to one coaching and joint training sessions with other sponsors.


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