Podcast: Nurturing Leadership Excellence

About this Podcast Episode:  Nurturing Leadership Excellence with Tanya Aitken, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at CMI

Packed with eye-opening statistics, this insightful conversation with Tanya Aitken, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), revolves around the benefits of capable managers and the importance of effective leadership.

Describing one of the many ways in which the CMI supports its global community of over 200,000 managers and leaders, Tanya shares their unique approach to building career confidence and nurturing ‘accidental managers’ into conscious and inclusive leaders.  Join us for more on this, plus many other relatable anecdotes on important challenges and opportunities in leadership.

"Organisations with management and leadership development programs are 32% more productive."

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As a bonus, Tanya has extended an offer to Leading for Business Excellence listeners for a one-month free membership with CMI. Listen to this episode now for details.

Becoming Chartered

The financial benefits for both individuals and their organisations are clear, but let’s not forget the soft measures and the halo effect on the wider team.

Effective Leadership and Management

It’s the number one driver of productivity. Here are the stats on why effective leadership is so important for business excellence.

Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Rich Seddon in the studio with Tanya Aitken, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at the CMI, as they talk all things Leadership Excellence. You’ll hear them discuss:

  • The challenges and opportunities facing new and future leaders
  • The role of management and leadership in organizational productivity
  • The importance of addressing the “say-do” gap


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