Mobilising the Organisation; Changing the Culture

4,400 staff with a €1.1bn turnover. Multi‐year project

PMI worked with this organisation on a large-scale project around culture change ensuring the viability of specific business units. We developed a programme of coaching and support to the improvement team leader and executive team focussed on training and strategic, tactical and interpersonal coaching.


This organisation is a specialist manufacturer within an international group undergoing significant change.

The challenge was for this specific business unit to ensure their viability in the context of:

  • Shifting Group priorities
  • Variable performance history
  • A culture of complacency.


  • A simple clear and attractive aim for the business was defined which all staff have endorsed and are working towards own objectives
  • A discernible culture shift towards one of leadership, involvement, pro-activity and performance
  • The language of improvement is heard around the business
  • Visible control and improvement of many processes
  • Use of systematic methods in everyday work across the business and in a wide range of scenarios
  • Current business performance has improved and foundations laid for the future.


To provide support to the organisation, PMI coached and supported the improvement team leader and trained several specialist staff to Green Belt and Black Belt level

In Addition, support and coaching was provided to the Executive Team, as well as, a bespoke package of support including:

  • Training and coaching of improvement specialists
  • Specific project team support
  • Ongoing strategic, tactical and interpersonal coaching

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