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Logging OTJ Time (Timesheet)


During your program, you are required to log your OTJ (Off-the-job) time and are required to complete 20% OTJ time. For more info on OTJ, please see this guide. This Timesheet must be kept up to date throughout the program and stay within 20hrs of your current requirement, which you can find on your Onefile portfolio:

OneFile: Why hasn’t the Off-The-Job percentage updated?

Some key things to remember or useful tips when you are updating your timesheet:

  • Make sure you description of the time entry is clear to the point where the activity can be identified and seen as relevant to the apprenticeship standard. Simply stating “project meeting” does not clearly identify the more specific nature of what has taken place.
  • You do not need to add lots of detail to the activity, a concise but clear synopsis is sufficient with a reference to the relevant KSB. Aim for 2 to 4 lines of detail.
  • Try not to verbatim repeat entries, for each entry, expand slightly to give each time entry more individuality so that tasks can be clearly distinguished.
  • Do not log more than your working hours in 1 day. If you worked 8 hours in a day, do not log more than this for that date. Equally we advise not logging more than 12 hours in any one day.

Updating your Timesheet

1. From your dashboard, click on Timesheets in the left hand menu.

2. Click on Create Timesheet Entry.

3. Enter a description or account of the timelog entry you are adding in the Timesheet Entry space provided.

4. Select a Category for the timesheet entry (use most appropriate) and complete Start Date and Start Time information.

5. Enter the hours and minutes (above) spent on the activity (ensure both boxes are filled, enter a 0 if not applicable).

6. Click Save


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