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Podcast: Leading the Quality Organisation of the Year

About this Podcast Episode:  Leading the Quality Organisation of the Year, with Jade Wilcox, Managing Director at Wilcox Limousines

What are the key factors that contribute to business excellence? How can organisations eliminate rework and improve overall productivity? In this episode, we explore these topics and more with Jade Wilcox, Managing Director of Wilcox Limousines, winner of the CQI’s Quality Organization of the Year award. Discover how she tackled the challenges of rework and inefficiencies, resulting in a 28% increase in production speed. A must-listen for business leaders!

One of Jade’s mottos is: “If it scares me, I do it”, so listen out for her thoughts on overcoming fear and dealing with imposter syndrome, and how she inspired her team to work in new ways, with new found confidence.

"When we look at our new vehicles, they are 28% quicker to make, which if we made 100 of them, that would add £1.2 million to our bottom line without us actually doing anything."

A remarkable business transformation

When Jade became MD in June 2020, the system worked, but she could see that to remain a market leader, the organisation needed to adapt, and quickly.

By launching an improvement programme which touched every area of the business, Jade led her team through a remarkable business transformation, which culminated in achieving international recognition through the CQI’s prestigious Quality Organisation of the Year Award.  Listen as she reflects on their success.

Moving forward together

Recognising that experienced employees can offer valuable insight, Jade ensures that communication is a two-way street when it comes to the business strategy.

Not only that, talking to the team and harnessing their knowledge makes a huge difference to how their people see things, and allows the organisation to move forward together.

Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Susannah Clarke in the studio with Jade Wilcox, MD of Wilcox Limousines, as they talk all things Business Excellence. You’ll hear them discuss:

  • Analysis of rework processes and the need for change
  • Continuous improvement efforts to reduce rework time
  • The importance of having a clear strategy and effective communication in improving company culture and employee engagement


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Handling the challenges

Often used by autocratic leaders, the negative connotations of the old leadership adage “you can’t please all of the people, all of the time” make it no less accurate. But how do those with healthier leadership styles handle situations which have the potential to cause a rift?

At Wilcox Limousines, team boards and regular huddles drive team engagement by keeping communication channels open, and providing opportunities to raise issues, and, crucially, respond with feedback.

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