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Episode #4: Making Change Happen with Joanne Humble, Global Head of Business Process Improvement at Catalent Pharma Solutions

In this month’s episode, we’re joined by Joanne Humble, Global Head of Business Improvement at Catalent Pharma Solutions.  Joanne is an expert in change, having worked in the pharma industry in a range of improvement and transformation roles. 

How do you become an expert in change?

Joanne shares her practical experience of making change happen, engaging people in the process of change and developing sustainable programmes.  Listen out for her insights and advice on the importance of the role of leadership in providing the mandate for improvement, and the need for a systemic approach.

If you’re inspired by the stories Joanne tells about her experiences at the start of her career and would like to know more about the practical tools she used, take a look at the ‘More resources that might interest you’ section below, or find more by exploring our Knowledge Hub.

More resources that might interest you:

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 At its heart, 5S is a thinking system, not just a set of physical tools.  Join Damion Albinson as he talks about the psychology of 5S and how you can unlock the potential of this method.

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