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Episode #2: Driving Customer-Focused Performance Improvement with Katie Evans, Burger King UK Chief Marketing Officer

In episode 2 of our Leading For Business Excellence podcast, we’re joined by Burger King UK‘s Chief Marketing Officer, Katie Evans as she talks about her experience of driving customer-focused Performance Improvement.

Listen out for her take on putting the customer front and centre, working in partnership with the supply chain to achieve better results and engaging stakeholders in transformative change.

Learn how agile processes have enabled Katie to lead a team successfully and consistently without stifling creativity.

"We took the groundbreaking step of removing all plastic toys from our King Jr. Meals. As much as we wanted to say, go, go, go, let's do this next week, it couldn't have worked like that. But when we got everyone around the table, when we really explained what we were trying to do, and what the benefit would be, everyone was hugely supportive. It just needed to take time. And it needed to be understood that this was not a marketing campaign, this was a whole business campaign, and we need to all really get behind it if we were going to make it work. And we did."


Our Leading for Business Excellence podcast brings you inspiring stories from leaders who share their experiences gained around the globe and across a multitude of sectors.  Hear how Business Excellence is a key part of being a great leader, and how it has enabled our guests to achieve outstanding results.

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Driving Customer-Focused Performance Improvement with Katie Evans, CMO, Burger King UK

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