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Episode #1: Rising to Business Challenges with Improvement Strategist Estelle Clark

In our first episode, we’re joined by Estelle Clark, who has a portfolio career which includes the UKAS Policy Advisory Council, the Chartered Quality Institute, a hydrogen automotive manufacturer, a trustee of the Engineering Council, and co-director of Strategic Arrow.

Listen to Estelle’s fascinating stories about rising to business challenges, from how an untimely bout of chicken pox at university set her on a path to the quality career she has excelled in and the range of challenges she has applied business excellence tools and methodology to. Listen out for her example of what good quality looks like – it’s an absolute gem!

Rising to business challenges is 101 for a Great Leader, but how do you become one?

Estelle has met and worked with many leaders across the breadth of her career, and tells us that there’s no cookie cutter for creating a great leader.  She instead advises that it’s important to just be true to yourself:

"I know where that place is in me and where that comes from, and therefore I know why I have confidence and conviction, and I'm determined, and bossy and tenacious and all the rest of it. Because when you're leading people, they want to know that they can trust in you and that you believe in what you're saying. And they also need to trust that you're going to see it through and take them with you and make it safe for them to be part of that. And so there has to be a place where you can open up and say ‘you know what, I don't know how to do this'.”

Understanding what it is that you bring to a team, and being transparent, open, and honest as a leader – both when you have the answers and when you don’t – is key to getting your team to give it their all, according to Estelle.

"I know that I'm a mile wide and an inch deep. And I'm hopeless without a whole load of people who are a mile deep and an inch wide."

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