Leading for Business Excellence Podcast

Learning to be Excellent – from Mum’s Garage to a Michelin Favourite
with Daniel Crump, Proprietor of The Greyhound Pub & Dining

Success in hospitality requires much more than great food alone.  Teamwork, flow, individual roles, and clear process ownership are each critical to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

In the latest edition of our Leading for Business Excellence Podcast, we talk to award-winning restaurateur Daniel Crump of The Greyhound Pub and Dining, as he shares his journey from setting up a restaurant in his mother’s garage at the age of 14, to working with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, and eventually opening his own business.

Listen now to hear Dan’s story, including how he is leading the way with the Greyhound Hospitality Programme, introducing young people to the hospitality industry and promoting his passion for a culture of process excellence.

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