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Episode #8: Adapting your Strategy in Disruptive Times with Claire Miles, CEO of Yell

In this episode, we’re joined by Claire Miles, Chief Executive Officer of Yell, the organisation that provides innovative digital marketing solutions to help UK businesses thrive.

Claire joined Yell 2.5 years ago with the remit to establish a turnaround strategy.  She talks candidly about her approach to this, including her assessment of the organisation and the steps that she went through to understand what the priorities were.  Just six months later, the pandemic hit and the organisation faced the challenge of adapting the strategy to adjust to the new environment.

Experiencing the benefits

It’s interesting to hear how the impact of the pandemic levelled the hierarchy, and how new communication rhythms enabled Claire to more closely integrate with her teams.

Listen now to hear our great conversation about measuring the end-to-end customer journey and how to deliver the very best experience for them.

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