Essential Green Belt Tools Video Series

These bite-sized videos on our top tools will ensure you make an impact with your next Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project.

Before taking on a Green Belt project, see for yourself what you are facing with a Gemba Walk, and use the SIPOC tool to establish the scope of the project in operational and process terms.

Use the Statistical Process Control Chart, Run Chart, and Histogram to understand the problem using data, and gain better knowledge of the process, in order to address issues using the Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto Chart, and Scatter Graph.

Finally, something that you won’t find in your Green Belt manuals; using Personal Journey Questions to create lasting improvement.

Ready for the next step in your continuous improvement learning journey?

Take a look at our blog ‘Belt Up! Which Lean Six Sigma Belts Are Right For You, Your Team, Your Organisation‘, for descriptions of each Lean Six Sigma belt level and the relevant skills that you would master once certified.

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Video: Gemba Walk (2:13)

Video: SIPOC (6:28)

Video: Control Chart (4:32)

Video: Run Chart (2:49)

Video: Histogram (2:46)

Video: Cause & Effect Diagram (1:43)

Video: Pareto Chart (1:20)

Video: Scatter Graph (1:00)

Video: Personal Journey Question (6:16)

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