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Introduction to CESP


This guide is to compliment the Capella’s Excel Statistics Package (CESP) developed by Capella Associates Ltd. It is only intended to advise on the features, layout and functionality of the package, and is not intended as a substitute to professional training on interpretation of results or mathematical/statistical theory. Explanations on interpreting the results of the functions of the package will be provided by your Capella Trainer during the formal training sessions.

CESP has been developed by Niall ConeyCapella Associates Ltd.

CESP Guidance documentation has been developed by Sven BoultonCapella Associates Ltd. and updated by Niall Coney. © Copyright Capella Associates Ltd., 2023

What is it?

CESP is a package offered by Capella of various excel templates that can be used to perform key Statistical Analysis as set out in Lean Six Sigma Programs. You can see a quick summary of this package vs other packages we utilise here on the Statistical Software article.

The contents of this guide demonstrate the basic functions of the Excel Statistical Analysis Tool created by Capella Associates Ltd. and is intended as a supplement and reference to the formal training provided by the Capella training delivery team.

The various tools fit into the categories traditionally used in Six Sigma/DMAIC methodologies – these tools are:

  • Basic Graphs – Including Time series, Pareto, Boxplot, Scatter etc.
  • Attribute MSA – Attribute Appraisal.
  • Variable MSA – Gage R&R Type 2.
  • Attribute Capability Analysis – Including Binomial and Poisson.
  • Attribute 2 Sample Capability Analysis – for comparing Before vs After for example.
  • Variable (Normal) Capability Analysis – Including Normality testing.
  • Variable 2 Sample (Normal) Capability Analysis – for comparing Before vs After for example.
  • Full Factorial 2^3 DOE – Including Response Optimiser and Regression.
  • Control Charts – these are also included in Capability Analysis.
  • Hypothesis Testing – Various 1 and 2 Sample variable and attribute tests.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation – Basic normal and lognormal distribution Monte Carlo simulations.
  • With more being added. 

All other templates for non-statistical tools are supplied as well, but do not form part of CESP.

Software Requirements

The package requires Microsoft Excel, ideally 365, but at least 2019 version or higher, to be installed on either a network or standalone system.

Older versions of Excel should still function however some features will be limited (for example boxplots are only available from 2016 onwards) and some calculations may not work correctly. Other spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets will also have limited functionality. Where appropriate formulas have been used to try and account for slightly older versions of Excel, but this is not always guaranteed.

The tools will be available to access from your online portfolio. Due to ongoing updates and access requirements, your online portfolio has a URL link to access the core location(s) of CESP. These locations are:

  • Onefile > Resources > Templates/Resources > CESP
  • Personal Onedrive (alternative to help with some security firewalls).

If you are not using an online portfolio (such as Onefile or Smart Assessor) CESP may be provided in a .zip file format, and a suitable decompression tool will be required (Windows 10 will have a tool built in, if not we recommend using 7-Zip). It is recommended that the package be saved to a suitable location for ease of use. 

Found an issue or possible improvement to CESP?

Capella Associates Ltd values all feedback; please let us know (through the form link below):

  • If you’d like access to a statistical tool not currently part of CESP.
  • If an error/problem is noticed during use.
  • If you have a potential improvement.

There may also be additional resources added to the package at some point in the future, and feedback on its functionality is always welcomed.

Feedback form: CESP©: Feedback


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