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Improvement: For you, your team, your organisation

Get involved! These business improvement professionals tell you why you should reap the benefits of process improvement.

Just five episodes, and five amazing guest speakers into our Room for Improvement video series, and we’re blown away by the wealth of knowledge and experience that’s been shared with us.  This video captures their enthusiasm about the benefits of process improvement, to help you, your team, and your organisation on your own improvement journey.  Enjoy!

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Episode #5: Michael Bjorn Andersen, Lean Process Engineer at TIP Trailer Services

Michael has worked in improvement for more than 10 years on global and strategic projects to deliver process excellence.  He was hooked on this way of working from the beginning, experiencing how it helps people to align to create real and sustainable change. It’s inspiring to hear him talk about a culture of continuous improvement not only lifting business performance, but also in making people happier with the way their work works.

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Episode #4: Naveen Shanmugam, Director of Operational Excellence at Helios Investment Partners

Naveen has his hands full working across a range of portfolio companies, in a variety of sectors, supporting them in their quest for operational excellence using Lean Six Sigma methodologies. It’s fascinating to hear him talk about aligning with the priorities of the different businesses to ensure the right approach – from Lean transformation to everyday problem-solving.

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Episode #3: Vasco Cachaco, Principal Six Sigma Process Champion at Xaar plc

Experienced in the role of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Vasco talks about how practising business improvement is about going beyond applying tools and methodology; it’s also about inspiring others through teaching, mentoring and coaching to drive the culture that exists around us.

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Episode #2: Lucie Lovell, Business Improvement Lead at WaterAid

Lucie talks about the importance of continuous improvement in a not-for-profit organization, where above all else, it facilitates maximum supporter funds going towards delivery of the important work the charity undertakes.  She explains that by introducing a Lean and Kaizen methodology across the organisation, she can collaborate with others to multiply the impact of improvement methods.

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Episode #1: Christine North, Director of Group Efficiencies & Innovation at SSE plc

Christine is responsible for the deployment of continuous improvement across the whole organisation, of over 10,000 employees.  Watch as she talks about deploying the improvement toolkit to optimise processes for the organisation and engaging staff in its improvement.

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