As part of the L5 Improvement Specialist and L6 Improvement Leader apprenticeships, you are required to deliver and record a training video as part of your portfolio (see the respective program KSBs for training video criteria). Once complete you will need to upload this onto your Onefile portfolio as evidence against the training video criteria. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  1. If the video is less than 300MB, you can upload this straight to Onefile as assessment evidence.
    • Please note that this may take some time to upload.
    • You will still need to download and send it via other means when submitting the file(s) for EPA.
  2. Alternatively, the best approach would be to use your own organisation’s approved online cloud storage provider and then share a link to external users to view/download as needed. Then you can use the URL from this as assessment evidence instead (as opposed to attaching the full video).
    • Such as; Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive etc.
    • This should be approved for use by your internal IT department and your internal organisation’s IT policy must be followed.
    • This does not include online cloud transfer products that simply transfer data from one user to another via the internet (such as WeTransfer or Smash) – as this would not be appropriate.
    • Once you have stored your video in this cloud storage location, you should then be able to share this with external users with a link or email invitation.
    • Be careful that you only share the link with the correct people, or that you only use the link in Onefile assessment uploading to ensure it stays confidential.
  3. If neither of these options is appropriate, simply store the video in your own work location (locally on your PC or company network drive) and let your trainer know. As this can be kept here until EPA.

What about at EPA?

When EPA arrives, the EPA Organisation does not necessarily access Onefile to access your files, instead, they will ask you to submit your evidence via their own secure means. This means that the EPA Organisation will provide its own service for you to transfer your files securely, hence it is not vital that your video is stored on Onefile.