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How do I access our training videos?

Each training session you attend with Capella will be recorded (assuming all members of the program have given permission for this) on the relevant meeting software (WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.). All members of the program will be given ongoing access to these recordings whilst on the program.

Cisco WebEx

  • When these sessions are recorded, they are stored in a central server with WebEx. A link to each training session will then be sent to you by the trainer when it is ready for viewing.

Microsoft Teams & Zoom

  • Your trainer will provide a read-only access URL/link to a ‘Guest External Sharing’ Onedrive (not Onefile) location to each delegate on the cohort.
  • When accessing this folder, you will need to confirm your identity through an appropriate authentication method (this will usually be via email confirmation code).
  • Once verified, you will gain access to our external sharing folder where you can then view each training video online.
  • Please keep access to this URL as it is the same link to access all of your training videos going forward.
  • You use your own company login information for this, you do not get given a Capella account.

Common issues and questions with accessing videos:

Issue/question Cause Resolution
I am using an authenticator app (Google or Microsoft Authenticator) and it will not let me access the folder or just stalls This is a security conflict between Capella’s IT systems and your own organisations. Usually, this occurs when your organisation use authenticator apps to verify your own company login to internal systems. Capella must change your access to use an alternative authentication method. Contact your trainer and pass on a mobile number that you are willing to use to authenticate instead. This will then verify your access using text messages.
I have bookmarked the link my trainer sent to me but it says it cannot be found or is no longer valid. Bookmarking URLs can sometimes create a redirect URL as opposed to the direct URL which can then cause some security systems to block access – assuming it is unsafe. Create a desktop shortcut of the original link instead.
I am clicking on the recording video link in our Microsoft Teams chat but it says I don’t have access.  The recordings message that appears automatically on your meeting chat is not the same link you will use to access the video. This location is blocked to external users, we then move the video to an external space and you will be given a separate link. Use the link to the external sharing folder given to you by your trainer. Accessing the recording directly from the teams’ chat will block access.

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