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Hate Content

Whilst the internet enables us to communicate quickly, easily and with a wide group of people at the same time, it also makes it easier to spread hateful opinions and material, seemingly with relative anonymity and little control.

If you come across or are sent hateful or violent content online, it may not be illegal, but you can still take steps to have it removed if it offends, frightens or upsets you.

Report it to the Website Administrator

Most websites do not permit comments, photos and videos that offend or hurt others and their rules are set out in their acceptable use policies. Many websites feature methods of reporting or complaining about such material. This may be via a ‘report this page’ or ‘report this user’ button, or simply via their contact form.

Report it to the Hosting Company

If the website itself is hateful in nature or supports hate speech or violence, you can report it to the site’s hosting company. Many hosting companies have rules about the type of sites and content that they are prepared to host. You can check a website’s hosting company by entering their web address on the website ‘Who is hosting this?’. You could also contact your own internet supplier and ask for more information.

Report it using an online reporting tool

You can report harmful online content using the following website tool:

Report it to the Police


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