Getting the Best From Your Performance Huddles

Communicating and managing the things that matter has never been more complex.  In a post-pandemic, hybrid-working world, it’s vital that you have effective methods to understand your process performance in order to deliver for your customers.

What makes a successful performance huddle?

In a PMI first, we’re inviting you to see our Operations Team Daily Process Management Huddle in action, as the team host their huddle LIVE, and reveal their secrets for success, including:

    • What makes a successful performance huddle
    • How to avoid common mistakes
    • How you can benefit

Questions about performance huddles?

If you have any questions about this topic, you can reach the PMI team at: team@pmi.co.uk.

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Design principles and continuous improvement

Free Interactive Webinar
29 July 15:00 UK TIME
  • Discover how Design Principles can also be applied to Continuous Improvement and new process design, in order to:
  • Create a common sense of purpose
  • Pinpoint your customer requirements
  • Innovate to delight your customers

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