PMI LIVE Getting More Out the Door, Better - increase productivity and quality

How do we continue to delight our customers whilst constrained by challenges such as labour availability, supply chain bottlenecks, or shortages of components or equipment?

How you can improve productivity and quality

Join PMI Managing Partner Rich Seddon with Susannah Clarke and Sean Buckland for our PMI LIVE webinar as they consider 5 key areas to help improve productivity and quality:

    • Do more with less
    • Improve output and quality
    • Serve your customers more effectively
    • Stay focused on the things that matter
    • What to stop, start, continue

Questions about improving productivity and quality?

If you have any questions about this topic, you can reach the PMI team at: team@pmi.co.uk.

Next time, why not ask your questions in real-time and join us on our PMI LIVE webinar?  Reflect.  Learn.  Thrive.  Free interactive webinars led by our in-house experts.

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Getting the Best from your Performance Huddles

Free Interactive Webinar
27 may 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join the PMI Operations Team as they host their huddle LIVE, revealing their secrets for success. Discover:
  • What makes a successful performance huddle
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How you can benefit

The Importance of great stakeholder engagement to power improvement

Free Interactive Webinar
24 June 15:00 UK TIME
  • Our panel of experienced leaders share their insights, including:
  • Examples from their careers
  • The pitfalls
  • The success factors

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