Everyday Improvement Using Standardise, Maintain, Improve

What is everyday improvement?

When it comes to improving your business there’s two approaches you can take, ‘every day improvement’ and ‘step change improvement’.

In this video, our Director Consultant, Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh, talks about what everyday improvement is and how to use the Standardise, Maintain, Improve (SMI) cycle to do so.

The two ways to improve your business

At PMI we believe there are two ways to improve your business.

In this video, Dennis, explains what they are and how you can apply them to your business to turn your goals into results.  Watch now.

Learn about Step Change Improvement

In this video, Dennis talks about what step change improvement is and how you can use the PMI Improvement Cycle to deliver ‘step change’ improvements in your business.  Watch now.

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