Podcast: End-to-End Quality as a Competitive Advantage

About this Podcast Episode:  End-to-End Quality as a Competitive Advantage with Vince Desmond, CEO of the Chartered Quality Institute

Packed with insights and reflections, Vince Desmond, CEO of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), shares his take on the key issues facing the Quality and Improvement profession.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of purpose, and how rising customer expectations are driving the need for us all to step up our game.  We also dive into AI and digital technologies, with Vince highlighting both the challenges and opportunities they present.

"Trust your gut. The subconscious is a funny little thing so chase down your gut instinct because there's usually something there."

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Looking for even more inspiration?

We end on the CQI’s prestigious International Quality Awards, as Vince shares the emerging trends across entries to the annual awards, which recognise and promote excellence in quality around the world.  Vince is a true expert in his field, and his perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the quality profession is invaluable.

Are you keen to skip to the section on the International Quality Awards?  Join us at 28 minutes in as Rich and Vince discuss the annual awards.


The International Quality Awards

Vince tells us more about how the prestigious CQI International Quality Awards are a powerful tool for promoting excellence and driving progress.

AI and the Quality Profession​

Vince shares the opinion that the quality profession is not yet ready for the challenges of AI. So, where do we go from here in order to seize the opportunities?

Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Rich Seddon in the studio with Vince Desmond, CEO of the CQI, as they talk about end-to-end quality as a competitive advantage. You’ll hear them discuss:

  • Rising customer expectations and the role of quality
  • Quality 4.0 principles
  • The challenge of AI


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