Employers: Prevent Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

  • How effectively does the organisation identify risks of extremism and radicalisation to staff and visitors?
  • How effectively does the organisation implement measures to mitigate risks of extremism and radicalisation to staff and visitors?
  • How effective is the risk assessment mechanism for assessing whether an external speaker or event should proceed?
  • Does the organisation consider Prevent risks when completing due diligence, contract management and quality assurance processes?
  • How are charities checked to make sure that extremist organisations are not inadvertently being funded?



  • How effective are the policies and procedures for managing on-site security? E.g. ID Badges, dangerous substance storage, access by visitors, distribution (including electronic) of leaflets or other publicising material.
  • How effectively are filtering/firewall systems managed to ensure leaders, managers, staff and visitors use the Internet appropriately?
  • What monitoring arrangements regarding usage of the internet are in place?


Incident Management

  • Does the organisation have a critical incident management plan which is capable of dealing with terrorist related issues?
  • Is a suitably trained and informed person identified to lead on the response to such an incident?
  • Does the Communications/Media department understand the nature of such an incident and the response that may be required?
  • Does the organisation have effective arrangements in place to identify and respond to tensions on or off site which might impact upon staff and/or public safety?
  • How responsive is the monitoring and alert system if someone tries to access extremist sites? Do leaders, managers and staff know what to do?



  • How well does the organisation promote equality, raise awareness of diversity and tackle radicalisation?
  • How well do staff know how to protect themselves from risks associated with radicalisation, extremism, forms of abuse, grooming and bullying, including through the use of the internet?
  • How well do staff and visitors understand policies for the use of prayer rooms and other faith-related activities?
  • How well understood are the policies and procedures for managing whistleblowing and complaints?
  • How well do staff understand how to support and/or refer someone at risk?

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