Driving Sustainable Improvement in a Global Organisation

About this Podcast Episode with Laura McLaren at Tesco

How can you turn everyday challenges into opportunities for team growth and innovation?

In this episode of Leading for Business Excellence, Laura McLaren, the Global Head of Process Experience at Tesco, provides the answer and shares practical strategies for mastering Change Management and Continuous Improvement in large organisations.

Hear why a human-centred approach with a hands-on, step-by-step method for problem-solving and skill-building is crucial. With insights on leveraging diverse global teams and incorporating a bit of fun, she shares key points from her extensive experience in delivering significant workplace transformation.

With her vibrant perspective on leadership and change, this episode is guaranteed to inspire and energise you to rethink your approach to overcoming challenges at work.

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"The best way to do it is the way kids do it; you don't sit there and debate it for days. You do it, and you practice, and then you get it."

The Psychology Behind Successful Change Management

Join Laura as she delves into the critical role of change management, drawing from her expertise in psychology and neuroscience. Her insights focus on the human element essential for effective transformation within a business and the necessity of making employees feel valued and included in the process to achieve long-lasting results.

Transforming Learning with Gamification

Gamification and interactive exercises are powerful tools for teaching Lean principles and improving processes. Laura reveals some practical applications of gamification in her organisation and how these learning experiences can revolutionise training programs, achieve lasting improvements in processes, and ensure employees feel motivated within their roles.

The Power of Diversity Within a Team

Diversity in a workplace is a crucial element that can significantly enhance the work environment and drive success. With such a diverse team of colleagues expanding across the globe, Laura shares how building positive and meaningful relationships allows for increased empathy in tougher conversations, resulting in more efficient problem-solving. Accepting and embracing this diversity unlocks a newfound potential for organisations to transform.

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Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Susannah Clarke in the studio with Laura McLaren as they talk all about Driving Sustainable Improvement in a Global Organisation.  You’ll hear them discuss:

  • Managing Change in a Large Organisation (03:27)
  • Continuous Improvement and Marginal Gains (06:15)
  • Change Management and Readiness (15:18)
  • Global Team Diversity and Trust Building (20:03)
  • Gamification and Making Change Fun (25:40)
  • Leadership and Learning from Experience (29:50)
  • Seeking Mentorship (36:40)
  • Human behaviour and learning (40:34)
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