CQI Conference: Jan Gillett talks about leading transformation and change

CQI Conference speaking slot: 11:15 – 12:15, Leading transformation and change to make the work, work properly.

Speaking today at the CQI Leadership Conference, PMI’s Jan Gillett will focus on the use of Systemic Leadership to deliver improvements and transformation in performance – something that has been elusive in many western organisations.

Jan Gillett CQI ConferenceJan explains,

“Since the 1970s we have experienced fashions for management, for leadership, for re-engineering, and still have come nowhere near to achieving the integrated success of the best of Japanese owned motor industry, or indeed of other Asian companies that build upon this approach.”

Jan’s presentation will outline practical models developed over many years of practise, and recently summarised in his latest book; published in April 2014.
Making your work, work

A practical book, invaluable to individual managers who want to develop their approach to carrying out their own responsibilities. It also helps more senior managers who wish to lead their organisation toward a comprehensive transformation in culture and performance.