PMI LIVE Continuous Improvement for Hybrid Working

For many of us, being part of a hybrid working structure where our teams are spread across different countries, different sites, or working remotely, is now a reality.  Effective hybrid team collaboration is a requirement of this way of working, and even more so as an improvement practitioner, where mastering the art of facilitating a hybrid team is imperative to achieving great outcomes for your improvement actions and projects.

Hybrid team collaboration that generates results

Join Damion Albinson and Rich Seddon for the inaugural episode of the PMI LIVE webinar series as they talk about:

• Planning your hybrid sessions
• Technologies and how to create interactive sessions
• Visual learning methods

Questions about hybrid team collaboration?

If you have any questions about this topic, you can reach the PMI team at: team@pmi.co.uk.

Next time, why not ask your questions in real-time and join us on our PMI LIVE webinar?

Register now to take part in our LIVE and interactive sessions, featuring polls, chat and Q&A’s, and virtual whiteboards with interactive exercises to name but a few of the features that make the PMI LIVE webinar series unique.

Getting the Best from your Performance Huddles

Free Interactive Webinar
27 may 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join the PMI Operations Team as they host their huddle LIVE, revealing their secrets for success. Discover:
  • What makes a successful performance huddle
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How you can benefit

The Importance of great stakeholder engagement to power improvement

Free Interactive Webinar
24 June 15:00 UK TIME
  • Our panel of experienced leaders share their insights, including:
  • Examples from their careers
  • The pitfalls
  • The success factors

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