1. Scroll down and click My Portfolio

2. Scroll down and select the Forms tab.

If you do not see the form required, let a Capella member know.

3. Click on the Mid-Review Learner Form

4. To start a new form, click

5. Then in the new window, click

6. Complete the form

Mid-review checklist:

Please complete all items as stipulated on the checklist and tick accordingly. If you are unsure of any of the requirements, please ask your trainer.

Information, Advice, Guidance given to learner – you can copy and paste this directly:

We have discussed the EPA methods and how we will be tracking those. We have recovered areas on Prevent/British values and requested that this new information has been uploaded to Onefile. Mid-review discussion has been tracked on project tracker. Please see latest progress review/tracker as per [DATE OF YOUR MID REVIEW] for all other guidance.

Actions – you must complete this yourself: 

Put in key actions from your project tracker and identify key dates you plan to complete these. Please put in at least 2 actions from your tracker. Use the + icon to add a new action.

7. You must input at least 1 Next Step / Action using the + icon.

8. Tick the Signed box next to your name / Learner, and then click . You will not be able to edit it after this.

This will then notify the trainer that you have uploaded these documents. They will be rejected if they fail to meet requirements.