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Transformation of Asset Maintenance Operations

This project was conceived in order to design and implement new business processes to support the introduction of a new Asset and Work Management System, while a 25 year old IT system was replaced.  PMI were able to help the organisation understand and rationalise processes, as well as assisting in the redesign of many of the existing business processes involving the UK-wide field maintenance teams.

Business processes radically modernised

Workflows simplified

New focus on value added work



The Customer Challenge

The customer required expert assistance with designing and implementing business processes to support the introduction of a new Asset and Work Management System.  As the business sought to turn itself around both commercially and operationally under a new leadership team, PMI were asked to help understand and rationalise the business processes.  The project required the redesign of many of the existing business processes, mostly involving the UK-wide field maintenance teams, within tight time limits and a safety critical environment.

“The focus on adding value has transformed the work of our people.
We’ve found ways to eliminate much of the cumbersome bureaucracy that we’ve had for years”

in depth fact finding

After initial discussion with the Managing Director, PMI carried out an intensive analysis and fact finding exercise which involved the collection of data, extensive business process/system research, and interviews with key stakeholders.  Problems became visible at an early stage, and PMI authored a report based on the findings of the initial work.

transforming operations

The recommendations made in the report were accepted in their entirety, and PMI were asked to lead the business process redesign. 

A steering team was established, and was managed by PMI.  Over the following 12 months PMI managed the day-to-day activities of the rollout, working to design and implement new business processes and forms for the field maintenance teams across the UK.  

The project as a whole delivered strategic advice to leaders, organisational design consultancy, and process and business form design and training.  PMI also provided mentoring services to managers as part of the handover of new processes.  

The Results & benefits the customer achieved

    • Labour reporting greatly simplified and accuracy increased
    • Definition and signification of over 200 existing business processes 
    • Speed of work reporting significantly improved 
    • Time to invoice reduced by 80% 
    • Number of FTEs required to run billing cycle but by 75% 
    • Key customer KPIs automated 
    • New business processes deployed to field teams

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