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Case Study: Generating Quick Wins

This leading British coachbuilder required assistance to bring their manufacturing operations under control. Work began with mapping and standardising their processes, and identifying quality concerns and theories for quick wins. The information was analysed by the team, and 36 quick wins were identified, resulting in an annual saving of 1650 man hours and cost-saving of £160,400.

36 Quick Wins Implemented
36 Quick Wins Implemented
1,650 saved man hours per annum
1,650 saved man hours per annum
£160,400 saved per annum
£160,400 saved per annum

The Customer Challenge

This UK based company takes standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vehicles and converts them into limousines and hearses for the funeral market.

Spread over two sites, the manufacturing process involves stripping a base vehicle back to its frame, cutting it into two halves, and extending the chassis, onto which new body sides and roof parts are added. The outer bodies are then painted, new interiors added, and the exterior is given a high gloss polish paint before shipping to customers.

The manufacturing processes are arranged into small teams of around 2 to 8 employees. The teams were aware that they had a number of problems such as unbalanced workloads, high levels of inventory, and inconsistent process operating standards, which resulted in some confusion and unnecessary delays. They needed to bring their operations under control and develop a clear understanding of responsibility and accountability for the manufacturing processes.

"Operating profitably whilst working in that way was simply not sustainable."

Mapping the Process

Work began with mapping out the production processes at two levels; firstly, as a high-level overview, followed by more detailed maps at process level. Where typically this would have been completed in a face to face environment, external factors meant that new ways of working were required to complete the activity remotely. The team embraced the challenge, using a range of virtual collaboration tools to achieve success, generating maps of all manufacturing processes.

Mapping the processes generated the following outcomes:

  • Introduction to the principle of process thinking
  • Identification of problems and issues which affect time, quality, or safety
  • Identification of the parts of the process where problems and issues occurred
  • Identification of processes that must be carried out sequentially, versus those which could be done out of phase

This information was then analysed by the team for possible solutions, and filtered through criteria to see which ones were quick, low cost, and low risk, to implement.

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The Results & Benefits the Customer Achieved

  • A total of 36 quick wins were implemented, with an estimated annual:
    – time saving of 1650 man hours
    – cost saving of £160,400 based on an average of 100 vehicles per year
  • In addition to the financial savings, a number of safety improvements were implemented
  • The whole exercise introduced the team to the possibilities of continuous improvement, gave them a great sense of achievement, and the desire to do more

Would you like to generate quick wins for your organisation?

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