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Assigning Programme Details to Learners

This includes registering the learners onto Onefile and assigning them to a program and trainer but NOT assigning OTJ hours or assigning IQA or Managers to a delegate. For full usage before launch, you must complete this instruction AND the Assigning Programme Details instruction.

This instruction assumes that the Workplace and Employer/Manager accounts needed have already been set-up created.

If not done already, create Employer accounts for managers who will be signing delegate documents.

  • Users > Employers.
  • Create Employer.
  • Complete all details and click Save.

When creating learners you can either Bulk Import using an Excel.CSV file-Blue button shown in the image above or Create the learner individually- Green button shown in image above(recommended)

If you have chosen to create a learner (Green button) you will be directed to the page below

Please fill in the relevant information by selecting the standards on this page you will not have to input any weightings which is shown later on the Learner Accounts standards page.

If you have just completed Bulk Importing Learners (Blue button), you should be presented with the screen below, if not, you can access this by going to Users > Learner Details and filtering by Cohort.

Click your middle mouse button (scroll wheel) on the Detail button by the relevant delegate.

This will open the delegates information page in a new tab in your browser, so you will need to navigate to the new tab, this is so you do not lose the original page should you need to modify multiple delegates.

Enter the cohorts Launch Date in Detail Start Date.
This ensures their progress and OTJ is calculated correctly.

Enter the Relevant OTJ figures in the Off-the-Job Section as per the ProGo.
This includes Planned OTJ Hrs, Duration (Wks) and Contractual Hrs Per Week

Enter Send, Gender and Age Information

After filling in OTJ, scroll down the page to find the learner details section. In order to fill this is in you will need to access the specific learner’s enrolment documents.

How to obtain enrolment documents on OneFile

  • Select the reports tab on the left hand side
  • Then under the “Learner reports” Section find the report called “learner template forms”- highlighted underneath. This will then allow you to select enrolment documents for the relevant learner.

Scroll down and click Save once done.
After filling in the relevant information, press save at the bottom of the details page.

In the new window, enter the Start Date (Launch Date), Planned Completion Date (Gateway date), and Start of Program Date (Launch Date)
Type this in the top box and then click the green down arrow to apply this to the whole column.

Scroll down and click Save once done.
On the Unit Selection tab, check the correct standard(s) are selected:

Level 3 apprenticeship Improvement Technician Apprenticeship Standard
Level 4 apprenticeship Improvement Practitioner Level 4 Merit and Distinction
ST0192 – L4 Improvement Practitioner – Capella Custom
Level 5 apprenticeship Improvement Specialist Apprenticeship Standard
Level 6 apprenticeship Level 6 Improvement Leader Apprenticeship Standard
Level 4 QP apprenticeship Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard
Quality Practitioner Gateway to Endpoint
Quality Practitioner Endpoint Assessment

Confirm from the progo which delegates are required to complete Functional Skills and add the standard(s):

English Highfield Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 2 (October 2019)
Maths Highfield Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics at Level 2 (October 2019)

Scroll down and click Save once done.
On the next screen, you must press save. The blue text will go bold – this confirms that the standards have been applied successfully.

You will then be taken to the units page showed in the image above. You will then have to input the learners end date for all units and Functional skills date if it applies to the delegate.

After the information is filled in you must click Save until the Trainers tab appears.

In the Trainers tab, select the trainer to each standard. The Qualitrain trainer must be selected against the Functional Skills standards

Scroll down and click Save once done.
Click on the IQA/EV tab

Assign a Default Internal Quality Assurer by selecting from the drop-down list and clicking the down arrow. This is the DST assigned to the learner as detailed on the progo. Then tick all other Capella IQAs in the Assign Additional IQAs specified below.

Please ensure at least the following are all selected:

  • Cohort Programme Manager
  • Anne-Christine Whittaker
  • Kelly Thorneywork
  • Lisa King
  • Emily Raybould
  • Suzanne McLoughlin

Click Save once done

In the new window(Access Accounts), You will have to assign the Employer that will be signing off the delegates enrolment documentation from the Assign Employers Box and Default Employer drop down box. Then scroll down and click Save.


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