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Apprentice & Delegate Escalation Process

As part of your programme, we undertake regular and thorough coaching sessions. The purpose of these coaching sessions is to discuss current progress with the apprentice/delegate (and supervisors) and to consult, coach, and assist with their work.

From each coaching session, next steps will be agreed upon, and a status will be applied to the apprentice/delegate. It is important to know what these statuses are and what they mean for the delegate and the employer:

No Support Needed

Trainers are not required to (nor have been requested to) provide any additional support beyond the original teaching and coaching schedule.

Support Needed The trainer has recommended, or the delegate has requested,  additional support sessions beyond the original teaching and coaching schedule. Capella Programme Manager will be able to recognise this support is being provided but is not required to intervene.
Intervention Needed Intervention is required by Capella Programme Manager as additional support sessions are failing to generate the progress required, and there is a concern that the delegate may not successfully complete the programme in the planned timeframe.
On Catchback Applies after Gateway reviews only – this means that the gateway date has passed but the delegate still has some items to close.
Complete Applies after Gateway reviews only – this means that the gateway date has passed and the delegate has confirmed everything is complete and their name will be passed onto EPA.

Each learner’s OneFile record (or, where applicable, Tracker) should contain why this has been escalated and what support is required (either through extra sessions with Capella or assistance is needed by the employer).

It is important to recognise these statuses are not a reflection of poor work or a reflection of the apprentices/delegate’s capabilities, but instead is a means to ensure all parties are kept informed and escalated when help is needed. It is here to help apprentices/delegates, not hinder them.

Here is who it escalates to at each status:


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