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A Systemic Approach to Improvement

Leading Global Transportation Company, Revenues $26.7bn with 17,000 employees in 125 Countries

The customer challenge

The client had a need to develop people and system capability in Process Improvement. This was to act as an enabler to developing and realising the overall Transformation ambition.


  • Recorded auitable bottom line saving of over $1.3bn.
  • Market share increased 3 fold due to the improvement in customer service.
  • Practical skill development and an altered perception of their business as a consequence of our training and methodology.
  • Through identification of customer’s real desires they have been able to improve their processes and enhance their customer experiences so that even throughout a period of global recession, they were able to retain and increase their market share.

PMI’s Contribution

PMI’s intervention centred on the design and delivery of bespoke facilitation of workshops and coaching with training from shop floor to Broad Level across the globe. This ranged from process mapping and definition workshops to Green and Black Belt programmes and included extensive 1 to 1 coaching and consulting to senior executives in the deign and implementation of a global Transformational programme.

PMI also supported the client’s business Improvement programme which centred on empowering and equipping employees around the world with common methodology, tools and skill to deliver continuous Systemic business improvement.

Cultural change was at the heart of the objective; specifically moving from a “fire lighting” problem solving approach, to one of continual improvement where the organisation is efficiently orientated around its customers.

One particular area supported is the customer contact centres. These centres deliver external customer’s process requirements such as shipping permits or service queries. They also supported internal ‘back office’ processes such as issuing invoices, chasing debtors and arranging contracts. PMI trained their staff in process improvement methodology so that they were able to make dramatic efficiency and effectiveness improvements and create a culture of continuous improvement advancement.

"PMI’s extensive experience in improvement training and learning delivery was used to customise the learning experience to suit the client’s specific needs. Each delegate received not only world-class classroom training but also extensive support such as project coaching and access to an e-Learning suite as an alternative learning vehicle."