A Successful Strategy for Customer Satisfaction


A global transport company that had grown by acquisition, inheriting many processes and policies, across more than 100 countries, and employing over 20,000 people. Their offshoring strategy was to improve customer service and efficiencies by developing a few Service Centres (SCs) that would handle most of the processes that enable the company to operate and trade.


The need was to standardise, simplify, eliminate waste and automate for better service to customers as well as saving costs. Given the wide range of existing operations and IT systems this demanded a revolution in understanding, improving and standardising processes across the whole company.

The existing process performance was seen as highly unsatisfactory, and the later stages of the transition took place against the worst recession for a generation, so the pressures on time and costs were extreme.


PMI supported the process excellence work across the whole company, including the development of the strategy, training improvement and management staff, and supporting some key projects.

“Without the structured methodology this growth could not have been accomplished.”
SC Director

Specific work related to the SCs included:

  • Training Service Centre management in process management, with an emphasis on everyday process monitoring and decision making
  • Establishment of business process support staff to help managers and supervisors
  • Building templates to make information visible at the place of work
  • Building routines for managers to coordinate processes with customers and suppliers.
    Assessing progress and challenging actions.


They have progressively increased and improved the range of services provided, and introduced more skilled decision making functions. They have achieved unprecedented customer satisfaction levels. Efficiency savings have run into many $millions annually.


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