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100 Years of Control Charts: On-Demand Webinar

What Control Charts can do for you today

One hundred years on from the creation of Walter Shewhart’s Control Chart, we look back at the development of SPC and demonstrate the power it can offer you today.

Join Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh, Niall Coney, and Rich Seddon as they explore:

  • How the Control Chart developed
  • Why Control Charts are so powerful
  • The common pitfalls and how you can avoid them


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The Purpose of Shewhart’s Control Charts

We delve into the world of SPC, starting at the very beginning with the purpose of Control Charts, defined by Walter Shewhart himself. Listen now to find out how his insights into reducing human effort for more efficient processes can still be applied across industries 100 years later.

Predict and Solve Real Life Problems With Control Charts

Control charts can be used as a problem-solving tool across a range of industries. In this example, we share how a water quality monitoring agency employed Control Charts to detect changes in oxygen over time. This revealed the problem of an invasive species that might have had a detrimental effect on river health if a Control Chart hadn’t allowed timely intervention.

A Common Control Charts Error That You Might Be Making…

When analysing Control Charts, it is crucial to pay attention to what your data represents before making any generalisations. Here, we discuss a common error regarding the blanket application of all rules and how this can increase the error rate of Control Charts. The advice here is clear: apply rules thoughtfully, considering their relevance to the specific situation at hand.

What Is a Control Chart Trying to Visualise?

By understanding and utilising Control Charts effectively, we can save time, reduce waste, and continuously learn from our processes. In this clip, we talk about the significance of recognising natural variation and the need to investigate any data points that deviate from expected patterns, and fully harness the power of data in your journey for process excellence.

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