PMI’s Work with NMCL – Theme 2: New Product Introduction & Lifecycle Management

How do you introduce new products on time, on cost, that delight your customers?

Des Kelly talks about NMCL’s Theme 2: New Product Introduction (NPI) and Lifecycle Management, which is all about how to introduce new products with greater ease and greater success.

NPI and Lifecycle Management is about optimising your processes from leadership, programme & product management, design, development and validation, through to manufacturing, supply chain development, marketing, selling and aftersales, in order to transform the goals for your new product into improved results for your business.

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PMI’s Work with NMCL – Theme 1: Competitive Strategy & Management Systems

In this video Des Kelly talks about NMCL’s Theme 1, Competitive Strategy and Management Systems

To be truly competitive, you need to be clear and focussed on your strategic intent.

Theme 1 is about defining your strategic goals through to establishing the processes required to successfully translate these goals into actions that are measured, reported and governed.

To bring your strategy to life, you need to deploy it, to articulate it, to everyone in your organisation, so that everyone understands the vital few, critical objectives and is working towards them, thereby turning your goals into real business results.

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An Introduction to PMI’s Work with NMCL

Are you a supplier to the automotive or aerospace sector?

Des Kelly leads PMI’s Manufacturing Excellence programmes and in this video he explains the work we are doing with NMCL, National Manufacturing Competitiveness Levels. The purpose of the NMCL is to boost the competitiveness of the UK manufacturing supply chain, to fuel business growth.

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House Builder Improvement Series Part 3: Idle Time

It’s one of the most overlooked reasons for delays on your house building sites. But what is it?  Idle time.

Our analysis of some of the biggest sites in the UK uncovered that “idle time” can be as high as 70%. This means that plots on your sites could be sitting idle for 3 out of every 4 weeks!  That’s a huge amount of time that you could be wasting; slowing down your build and impacting your profitability.  If this suprises you then you’ll want to watch this video where Dennis explains the 5 primary reasons for poor plot utilisation and how to tackle them on your sites.

Video: Quality & Improvement Working Together

There has been a divide in the quality management world going back years, between those facilitating change and improvement and those concerned with audit and standards. However, we consider that the 2015 revisions to ISO9001 are so significant as to encourage, indeed require, the two disciplines to unite in the shared goal of transforming their organisation’s performance.

This video shows how some organisations are realising that to be efficient and effective, Quality and Improvement must start working together