The Impact of Rework Infographic

Impact of Rework

Rework is unplanned, unpaid work and its impact can be wide reaching across your organisation.

“Organisations become very desensitised to things that they experience every day”, says Warren Knight, when asked how much companies typically underestimate the cost of the hidden factory.

This infographic from Warren’s webinar, “Rework: the Hidden Factory”, shows the impact of rework that organisations may experience.

Aligning Business and Process Roles Infographic

What’s your role?

To achieve results, it’s important that everyone in the system understands how their business role fits with their process role, where they work and what they do.

Are these roles clear in your organisation?

How to Identify your First Green Belt Project Infographic

Do the problems keeping you up at night fit the criteria for a first Green Belt improvement project?

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course teaches the thinking and tools of process improvement enabling you to lead focused improvement projects to address those problems.  Take the next step on your improvement journey by booking onto our next Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course here!

Dealing With A Crisis: 8 Steps To Getting The Best Outcome Infographic

How are you making decisions? 

Using a scientific approach will help you to achieve the most optimal result:

  • Outcomes are likely to be systemic, everyone gains
  • It may take longer but we get a better outcome
  • It might be wrong, but we learn from it
  • You can deal with any problem or crisis, not just this one

Here are our 8 Steps to getting the best outcome.

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Dealing With A Crisis Infographic

How does your organisation deal with a crisis?  Do the comments in option 1 sound all too familiar? 

You cannot guarantee an outcome but you can achieve the most optimal result through decision making, problem solving and creative thinking.

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