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Digital Process Transformation

In our experience, too many digital projects promise more than they’re ever capable of delivering, this is why our digital process transformation services are firmly rooted in our proven methodology. Applying our rigour, process insight and data to digital transformation projects yeilds results.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is now available to businesses of every size and shape, it involves the identification and automation of repetitive, high volume tasks that computer users perform such as order entry, data entry, call log-ging, system updating etc. By implementing RPA your people can be better utilised for value added work with improved accuracy and speed.

How we can help

Rapidly Reduced Operating Costs

Increased Capacity

Enhanced Operational Control

Improved Customer Experience

  • Robots operate at a fraction of the cost of an employee
  • Eliminate human error and increase quality
  • Robots can operate 24/7 to enable employees to focus on value added activity
  • Increased quality & speed of response

Digital Process Confirmation - The process health checker

Process confirmation is a cornerstone of maintaining performance excellence, we’ve built an easy to use, app-based platform to enable you to quickly and easily collect the data you need to understand the “health” of your processes at any point in your operational cycle. No more audit check sheets, no more chasing paperwork; users can confirm process status, add performance data, capture key attributes including photos all from our tablet or phone based app. The really clever piece is the reporting; using a series of tiered dashboards and reports, we can provide interactive insight to every level of your organisation so that you can really “see” what’s going on.

How we can help

Rapidly & easily digitise your process confirmations

Accelerate your performance

Encourage the right behaviours

Empower & Improve accountability

  • Simple to use, real-time visibility of the status of your key processes.
  • Rapid, accurate performance reporting is proven to generate better results.
  • Measuring the right things helps people to work on the right things at the right time.
  • Making performance measures visible allows the right people to take responsibility.

We’ve built our business by recommendation from relationships we’re proud of. Don’t expect faceless “big consulting” or legions of newly qualified graduates from us, we employ experienced professionals who bring our method and their experience together to help you achieve your performance improvement goals.